Rahab’s Remarkable Testimony

Rahab’s Remarkable Testimony Joshua 2: 1-24 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Rahab had a remarkable testimony.  Notice:

Her Testimony of Faith – Heb 11:31 – in v.9-11 she believed in the Lord; in v.12-13 she believed she could be saved and that she needed to be saved; in v.14 she believed the words of the spies; in v.17-21 she believed that the scarlet thread would suffice [picture of the blood of Christ].  In Jos 6:21-22, she and her house were saved.

Her Testimony of Assurance – Jos 6:23 – she was so sure of salvation that she was able to convince her family to join her and she was so convinced that she and her family actually stayed put in the house during the terrible collapse of the wall [2:19].

Her Testimony of Compassion – Jos 6:23 – she didn’t keep all of this grace to herself in spite of the fact that it would have been hard for a harlot to convince her family about spiritual matters – she witnessed and so must we.

Her Testimony of Change – Matt 1:5-6 – she went from being a harlot to becoming the great, great grandmother of David the king.  She was no longer what she had been before she was saved.  She had to leave that old life.  You need to live the changed life of Christ.

Conclusion: Get saved, walk in assurance, take others with you, and let God change your life.