Isaiah 11:6-9 The Salvation of Nature

The Salvation of Nature Is 11: 6-9 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Environmentalists always refer to Mother Nature.  But there’s no such thing as Mother Nature.  There’s Father God.  He’s the Creator!  Currently the earth is cursed with bugs, diseases volcanoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, etc.  It’s cursed.

But in time God’s going to lift the curse and when he does, there will be perfect peace in the earth.  This is what we call the salvation of nature.  When Jesus returns:

Wild Animals are Tamed – v.6-7 – the wolf, leopard, lion and bear are wild animals right now.  In the Bible these animals are used as types of wicked men, the devil or messengers of the judgment of God: wolf, Matt 10:16, Acts 20:29; leopard Dan 7:6, Rev 13:2; lion, 1 Pet 5:8, 1 Ki 13:24; bear, Dan 7:5, 2 Ki 2:24.  But God is going to tame them where they will dwell with lambs, kids, and calves.

The Vegetarian Diet is Restored – v.7 – these carnivorous animals will eat straw like the ox as in the pre-curse conditions [Gen 1:29-30].  In Noah’s flood, Noah only had to take a pair of each of the animals because they all ate provender.  It wasn’t until after the flood that the diet became carnivorous [Gen 9:3-4].

Children are Safe from Nature’s Harm – v.8 – infants and weaned children will be able to play with snakes without harm.  An asp is a small, poisonous viper and the cockatrice is a deadly serpent [Is 14:29].  Right now there is enmity between men and snakes.

The Earth is Completely Regenerated – v.9 – The millennial reign of Jesus is also called the “regeneration” [Matt 19:27-29].  We read more details on this regeneration in Rom 8:17-23.  When Christ wore the crown of thorns that came from the cursed earth, he redeemed the whole earth and all things that came from the ground.

If you are saved, you will come up out of the ground like Jesus did at his resurrection.  If you are not saved, you won’t come up.  The earth will simply disappear and you will be standing upon nothing in front of the White Throne, awaiting your judgment and condemnation.