Isaiah 11:1-5 The Right King

The Right King Is. 11:1-5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Chapter 10, we learned much about the antichrist, the wrong king. In this lesson, we will learn about Jesus Christ, the right king.  The context of this passage is the millennial reign of Jesus, as you can see from verse 5-9, which reveal nature restored.

You know Jesus is the right king because:

He comes from the right family – v.1 – Jesus is from the line of David [Matt 1:1; Rev 22:16] who comes from Jesse.  All of this talk of peace comes to naught until Jesus, the prince of peace, shows up to bring us peace.  The antichrist by contrast comes from Nimrod through Ham.

He has the right spirit – v.2 – he has seven spirits:

  • The spirit of the Lord – 2 Cor 3:17 – showing his deity
  • The spirit of wisdom – Prov 8, 1 Cor 1:30
  • The spirit of understanding – Prov 4:7, Ex 31:3, Job 28:28
  • The spirit of counsel – Is 9:6
  • The spirit of might – Is 9:6
  • The spirit of knowledge – Jn 8:55
  • The spirit of the fear of the Lord – Heb 5:7-8

The antichrist by contrast has the wrong spirit [2 Jn 7, Rev 16:13-14].

He makes the right judgment – v.3-4 – he doesn’t judge with his eyes or with his ears [Rom 16:16-18, Gen 3:6] but with righteous judgment [Jn 7:24].  Men judge by what they see and hear and are often deceived.  Jesus doesn’t care what it looks like or sounds like to anyone else; if it is right he lets it pass and if it is wrong he destroys it.  The antichrist, by contrast, knows that men judge after the appearance and so he presents them with an image to worship and with great swelling words of vanity.

He executes the right punishment – v.4 – the rod of his mouth is a sword [Rev 19:15, 1:16] and the breath of his lips is fire [2 Thes 2:8, Is 30:33] and with these he slays the wicked and smites the earth.  The antichrist, by contrast, promotes the wicked and punishes the innocent [Rev 12:9-10].

Conclusion: v.5 Everything that Jesus does is right and everything he says you can count on [Rev 19:11]; not so with the antichrist.