My Fathers Cup, Jn 18:10-11

My Fathers Cup John 18 10-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage Jesus Christ makes reference to a cup that is given to Him by His Father.  So, we call this lesson my father’s cup.  In this study we will cross reference scripture with scripture to find out something about this cup. As it turns out there are at least two cups in the Bible. One of them is the cup of devils and the other is the cup of the Lord.  Jesus refers to the cup of the Lord as “the cup my Father hath given me” and this will be the subject of today’s study.

The cup in the Lord’s hand is described as having wine with an undesirable element [dregs] mixed in with the wine that the wicked will separate out and consume (Psalm 75:8). Jesus did not want to drink from this cup and asked that He might refrain (Matt. 26:39).

We remember the Lord’s cup when we partake of the Lord’s Supper. The reason why we remember is that while we were still enemies with Christ, He died for us. None of us deserved His death for us because we are wicked; but Jesus willingly took that cup of the Lord and received the wrath of God that was meant for us.

Jerusalem rejected the pleading of God Almighty and would not hearken to His words and so had to drink the cup of the Lord and He destroyed the temple (Isaiah 51:17). From these verses we can see that the cup of the Lord brings judgment and destruction. God even describes it as His cup of fury (Isaiah 51:22-23) as He removes it from Jerusalem and passes it on to those that afflicted Jerusalem (Jer. 25:15-16).

The Book of Revelation tells us that this will happen again and that all of the nations shall drink from the cup (Rev. 16:19) and so will individuals (Rev. 14:9). Specifically, everyone who is not saved is going to drink from the cup of the Lord which contains His wrath and fury.

You can escape drinking the Lord’s cup by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior (Psalm 116:13). That is your only way out.