The World’s Sins, Jn 15:22-27

The World’s Sins John 15:22-27 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jesus came into the world as flesh one of the main things He did was strip away the cloak of the sin of the Pharisees and the world. If I had not come and spoken unto them, they had not had sin” – John 15:22.  Jesus Christ by His coming pointed out a particular sin in which the world was engaged.  It was a sin that was so well disguised that the Pharisees didn’t believe that they were guilty of it. They pretended to love God.  The Pharisees, by the profession of their mouth, by their dress, by attending their synagogue, by handling the scripture, etc., had the appearance of loving God. In fact, they really did not love God, but this was not so obvious until Jesus Christ came and stripped away the cloak of their sin.

He revealed the main sin of the Pharisees which was hatred. They hated the Lord God Almighty and so they also hated Jesus Christ when He came to them (John 15:23). When He confronted them about their hatred of Him (John 5:16,7:19, John 7:7) they lied about it (John 7:20, John 8:38, Isaiah 29:13, Matt. 15:4-9).

They hated Jesus because they feared that their status among the people would be diminished by the miracles He performed (John 11:47, 15:24, 11:49, 11:53). The Pharisees even wanted to kill Lazarus because, by extension, he was a walking testimony to the works of Jesus (John 12:9).

They hated Jesus because He repeatedly shamed them by exposing their hypocrisy in public. They accused Jesus of dishonoring God’s commandment regarding the Sabbath day when He healed a woman on the Sabbath (Luke 13:12-17). But then Jesus exposed their hypocrisy by running the moneychangers out of the temple for selling their wares on the Sabbath (Matt. 21:12-13).

The Pharisees also hated His deity. They knew that Jesus was God because of the testimonies they received (John 10:32-33, 7:46, 9:30-33), but still they hated and rejected Him. We still have this same problem today. If you want to find out what someone today feels about Jesus Christ ask them if they believe that He is God Almighty manifest in the flesh and one with God the Father and the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity. Most of them will have a very negative and quick reaction if they do not believe in the deity of Jesus Christ. This is the same problem we have with the modern translations of the Bible. In numbers of places where the deity of Jesus Christ is clearly expressed like Luke 2:33, 1 Timothy 3:16, or John 1:18 they change the verse and destroy the clear reference to the deity of Jesus Christ. Those translators may have a godly profession but I really doubt the sincerity of their heart. Just like these Pharisees who had a godly profession until it came down to whether or not Jesus Christ was God and then they were ready to kill Him. Then when He was hanging on the cross they mocked His deity by telling Him to come down off of the cross if He was the Son of God.   They hated and reviled Him (Psalm 69:4).

The Pharisees hated His scripture because it bound them to do something that they were not willing to do.  Scripture says thou shalt not kill and they could not send a man to trial for murder until they had at least two witnesses that agreed. The Pharisees never got that, so, they violated the law concerning false witnesses and they violated the law concerning the death penalty (Mark 7:8-13).  Nothing has changed to this day. They still hate Jesus Christ.