Isaiah 9:8-21 The Lord’s Anger is Not Turned Away

The Lord’s Anger is Not Turned Away Isaiah 9:8-21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Three times the Lord’s anger is not turned away [v.12, v.17, v.21].  The Lord brings his wrath against Israel and what he does is not enough to turn away his wrath from them.  They need more because they have been so wicked and they do not respond to his chastening.

Here are the stages of and reasons for his anger against Israel [Ephraim], whose capitol is Samaria.

First Stage – He Preaches His Word – his prophets prophesy against them [Deut 28:15, Jer 1:17-19] – but they reject the preaching because of their pride and stout hearts [v.9] which was evident by the way they were talking in v.10 – they should have humbled themselves and looked to the Lord as their defense and tower.

Second Stage – He Sends in Adversaries – he sends the Syrians and the Philistines against them – they come in like a German pincer movement, swallowing up the land [Deut 28:25; contrast 2 Chr 20] – Israel would have and should have known that they could have relied upon the Lord 1 Ki 8:33-34 – the whole purpose of this chastening is disclosed in v.13 [Hos 7:10].

Third Stage – He Cuts Off Their Leaders – v.14-16 he goes after the ancient and honorable [Jer1:17] and the lying prophets [1 Ki18:19, 40] because these are the ones causing the trouble – the leaders caused them to err and those led were destroyed.

Fourth Stage – He Withholds His Mercy – v.17 when he withholds his mercy, any nation is “done” – the Lord has no joy in the young men and no mercy for the fatherless and widow – why? Because they are hypocrites, evildoers and fools.

Fifth Stage – He Brings Tribulation and Hell – v.18-20 Fire [Ezek 20:45-49]; Darkness [Rev 8:12,6:12-13]; Variance [Matt 10:21-22, 35-36]; Cannibalism [Lev 26:26-30]

Sixth Stage – He Brings Division – he turns Israel against herself, something that began way back during the time of the Judges [Jud 8:1;9:20; 12:5-6].

Practically speaking, when the Lord starts dealing with you, get in a right relationship with him at the first stage!