Desirable Qualities in Ruth, Ruth 2:18-23

Ruth 2:18-23 Desirable Qualities in Ruth CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ruth 2:18-23, there were desirable qualities in Ruth that should be in young women today.  They are:

Her Diligence – she gleaned all day [1:7]

Her Generosity – she “gave” to her mother-in-law [v.18]

Her Faith – she trusted in the Lord [2:12] – this faith works [1 Thes 1:3]

Her Gratitude – she was given the opportunity to glean through the entire harvest and she appreciated that by doing just that [v.21-23]

Her Obedience – she did what Boaz and Naomi told her to do [v.21, 23]

Her Honor – she dwelt with her mother-in-law [v.22-23]

If you are a woman, you should cultivate these qualities.  If you are a man searching for a wife, you should put these qualities above physical characteristics!