Kill Lazarus, Jn 12:9-11

Kill Lazarus John 12: 9-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

It is unimaginable that the Pharisees would attempt to kill Lazarus.  However, when you understand the origin of the mind of a Pharisee, it makes more sense.

The Pharisees ruled people thru fear of retribution. This was accomplished in several ways such as intimidation (John 12:42, 9:22), threats (Acts 5:28), imprisonment, and capital punishment. The Pharisees learned to kill from Cain (Gen. 4:3-8). Every time a Pharisee kills a righteous man he is motivated by the same thing as Cain (1 John 3:12). This pattern can be observed all the way through the Old Testament (Matt. 23:33, 2 Chron. 24:20, Acts 7:52).

Self-righteous, religious people, regardless of brand or persuasion will always kill their opponents who are righteous (John 5:16, John 7:19, John 8:40, Matt. 27:20, Acts 5:28, John 11:53).  Even though they may kill righteous men in an attempt to stifle the word of God, their attempts are doomed to failure because their deeds are evil (Luke 21:33, Acts 5:38-39, Heb.11:4).  The word of God and the righteous are everlasting.