Councils, Jn 11:47-57

Councils John 11:47-57 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this text we have a perfect example of how councils work. The Pharisees perceived a threat due to the miracles of Jesus. Their conclusion was to kill Him in order to protect themselves. This is the height of wickedness, but demonstrates a clear warning.

The warning is this:

  • Beware of ecumenical councils
  • Beware of church councils
  • Beware of the World Council of Churches

How did the situation progress to this conclusion?

  • Jesus performed miracles (John 11:47, 11:44, 12:9-10, 9:11, 9:34, 5:8-9, 5:16, 10:32, 10:37-38, Matt. 27:18)
  • The Pharisees called together a council (Matt. 10:17, Matt. 12:14, John 11:48, Acts 5:34, 5:39, Matt. 23:6, Jer. 38:4, Matt. 24:1, John 11:49-53, 10:16, 7:35)
  • The council declared an edict.

The council was expedient and convenient, but very costly and ultimately ineffective. Time and time again the Bible shows that the Pharisees would form a council, the council would make a decision, the decision would be followed by a command, and the result was always a total failure every time (Act 4:15, 5:34, 6:12-13, 22:30). Every time a council made a motion to hinder or stop the preaching of the Gospel the result was always a revival and strengthening of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and a weakening of the cause of the Pharisees. Councils always support actions that are contrary to God.