Isaiah 7:10-16 A Sign to Judah

A Sign To Judah  Isaiah 7:10-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

After promising that Syria and Israel wouldn’t defeat Judah, Isaiah tells Ahaz to ask God for a sign.  When he won’t, God gives him one anyway.  This is the sign to Judah of the virgin birth of Jesus.  This sign is:

God-given – v.11 – here are examples of signs in the depth [i.e., Matt 12:40; Jon 2:2] and in the height [i.e., 2 Ki 20:8-10].

Jewish – v.12-13 – 1 Cor 1:22 Jews require a sign – Ahaz’s refusal is so pious for one who had done so much wickedness in Judah.

Supernatural – v.14 – Matt 1:23 – this is not the birth of a natural born man to a “young woman” like some of the modern Bibles translate this, this is the birth of God’s Son to a virgin, whereby God is manifest in the flesh!

Instructive – v.15 – butter and honey are very nourishing and they take considerable work to get – butter, which comes from milk [2 Pet 2:2], and honey [Ps 19:10] both typify the word of God and it’s instructive and nourishing power – by it, children know to choose the good and refuse the evil.

Prophetic – v.16 – this prophecy of the land forsaken of both her kings can have a dual application to Syria and Israel, on the one hand, and to Israel and Judah, on the other – Jesus, the virgin born Son of God will come to earth again to rule over both houses of Israel as he combines them into one united kingdom again according to the new covenant [Heb 8:8-13; Jer 31:31-34].