Ruth Returns With Naomi Ruth 1:1-18

Ruth 1:1-18 Ruth Returns With Naomi CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Ruth 1:1-18, Ruth returns with Naomi to Bethlehem.  Ruth was steadfastly minded to go with Naomi [v.18] in spite of:

Her Liberty – v.8-9 – she was free to marry because her husband was dead [Rom 7:1-2].  She had no legal obligation to her mother-in-law and it would certainly be easier to find a husband in Moab than in Bethlehem.

Her Widowhood – v.11-13 – it was a custom that if a man died without children, his widow married his brother who would then raise up seed for his deceased brother.  That is the firstborn son actually becomes the deceased brother’s firstborn.  Judah had to deal with this in Gen 38:7-8 and it actually was the law in Israel according to Deut 25:5-6.  Because Ruth’s
deceased husband had no brothers, she essentially had no prospects for marriage under this rule and decided to follow Naomi anyway.

Her Sister-in-law – v.14-15 – Orpah turned back to Moab – often if one goes, the other will follow.  But Ruth stayed her course and decided not to be encouraged to return by Orpah’s decision.

Her Journey – v.16 – She was going where Naomi went and she was going to lodge where Naomi would live.  That is tough.  She was going to a strange land with different customs, culture, and language.  She would be treated as a stranger.  That’s fearful.

Her Family – v.16 – She was making a lifetime commitment to live out her days and be buried with Naomi.  It is tough to leave your family even for a while, much less a lifetime.  She would not be buried with her own husband.

Her Religion – v.16 – She said thy God will be my God.  She was leaving Chemosh, the god of the Moabites, to follow Naomi’s God.  And based on Naomi’s testimony, her God wasn’t treating her very well [v.21-22].  Nevertheless, Ruth was willing to trust him and forsake her god.

She had dealt with these big obstacles in her life and was determined not to stop.  We go with the Lord and we ought to be as steadfast as Ruth was in following him.