True Light, Jn 8:12-20

True Light John 8:12-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jesus is the One True Light of the World (John 1:5, John 3:19).

And then there is a counterfeit light (2 Cor. 11, Ezekiel 13:6-9).

The Pharisees were blind to the Light of Truth (2 Cor. 4:4-5, Matt. 23:17 & 24).

The Light of Truth rejected becomes lightning, a destroying light. That which is true and comes to save becomes the destroyer when rejected. The False teachings of the Pharisees destroyed their ability to see the light of truth. Just as the cults of today with their corrupt interpretations of the scriptures cannot see the true light (John 5:31, Matt. 23:24, John 7:27, 7:42 7:52)

Jesus fulfills scripture and lights the way to Heaven (Matt. 4:12, Isaiah 9:1-2, John 6:33-35, Isaiah 7:14).  Jesus has witnesses that He is The One True Light (John 1:6-12, John 9:30-33).

Jesus executes righteous judgment (John 7:24, Matt. 16:16, Matt.16:23, John 12:47, Hebrews 4:12-13).

In their blindness the Pharisees thought that they served the Father in Heaven (John 8:44, Matt. 13, Romans 11)

Jesus reveals Himself as God in the flesh (John 14:6-10, Luke 10:21-22)

Don’t be blind like the Pharisees to the One True Light of Jesus Christ!