Search the Scriptures, Jn 5:39

Seacrhing the Scriptures John 5:39 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Many people will not search the scriptures for themselves. They would rather form their own opinions based on what other people have taught them.  This is very dangerous because second-hand doctrine may not be based on God’s word.

Isaiah 6:9-10 describes a people who have been made prejudiced against the scriptures. Their heart is fat, so that they won’t understand; their ears are heavy, so they won’t hear; their eyes are shut, so they won’t see.  Matthew 13:9 says, “Who hath ears to hear, let him hear.”

When people look at the Bible through religion, for instance, they see, but they can’t understand.  It’s not a matter of the Bible being hard to understand; the Bible testifies for God and against you.  People often don’t like what they read so they stop reading.  In Luke 24:25-27, Jesus told the two disciples that they were slow of heart to believe the scriptures.  If you come to the Bible with a humble mind and a believing heart, God will open the scriptures to you so you can see Jesus Christ and understand his words.  He is revealed all through the Old Testament.

In Luke 24:31-32 these same disciples had their eyes opened as Jesus revealed himself through the scriptures.  People who say they cannot see Jesus in the Old Testament are not searching with humility and faith.  1 Samuel 3:21 says that the Lord revealed himself to Samuel by the word of the Lord.  In Acts 8:30-39, the eunuch was reading the Old Testament without understanding.  Phillip explained the passage from Isaiah to him by preaching Jesus.  If the Holy Spirit is going to reveal any truth to you he is going to do it with the Bible.  So, search the scriptures!