Simplify the New Birth, Jn 3:8-12

Simplify the New Birth John 3: 8-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In John 3:7 Nicodemus had just heard that “ye must be born again.” In this lesson, we are going to see the new birth typified, questioned, prophesied, preached, and disbelieved.  Notice, the New Birth:

Typified (John 3:8) — Jesus likens the new birth to wind. In Genesis 2:7 God breathes life into Adam.  In Ezekiel 37:9 the breath of life needed to reanimate the soldiers is supplied by wind. God’s spirit was evidenced by wind in Acts 2:1-2.

Questioned (John 3:9) — Nicodemus had the same problem that everyone else has; he tried to make it physical. The new birth can’t be explained physically, it can only be typified by something physical.

Prophesied (John 3:10) When Jesus told Nicodemus about the new birth, he asked him “art thou a master ofIsrael, and knowest not these things?”  Jesus’ birth was prophesied in Isaiah 7:14, 53:8, and 53:10, among other places.  Anyone who studied the Bible enough in the Old Testament could have foreseen it.  It isn’t as important that you understand everything as it is that you believe it.

Preached (John 3:11) — Jesus preached the new birth to Nicodemus.

Disbelieved (John 3:12) — Nicodemus didn’t believe that day, although he later got saved and was present to bury Jesus’ body.