Genesis 45:12-28 Gentiles caring for Jews

Genesis 45:16-28 Gentiles caring for Jews CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Immediately upon the revelation of Jesus Christ at the Second Advent, the Jews will be helped by some of the Gentiles.  In this passage of scripture, we see some of the ways that the Gentiles will help the Jews.  Pharaoh, king of Egypt, gave instructions to Joseph to send back wagons and plenty of food so that Joseph’s father and all of his siblings and their families could return to Egypt to escape the drought.  Here are some of the types contained in the chapter.




Cross Reference

As Joseph’s brothers were known in Pharaoh’s house,So the Jews will be known among the Gentiles. 45:16 Is. 61:9
As Joseph’s brothers would eat the fat of the land,So the Jews will suck the milk of the Gentiles. 45:17-18 Is. 60:16
As Joseph’s brothers’ families were carried in wagons,So the Jews will be carried in chariots and litters. 45:19 Is. 66:20
As Joseph’s brothers were given the good land of Egypt,So the Jews will inherit the Gentiles. 45:20 Is. 54:2-3
As Joseph’s brothers were given provision for the way,So the Jews will be fed and nursed and not hunger. 45:21 Is. 49:8-10Is. 49:22-23
As Joseph’s brothers were given changes of raiment,So the Jews will be clothed with garments of salvation. 45:22 Is. 61:10
As Jacob believed that Joseph was aliveAnd that he would see Joseph,

So the Jews will believe that Jesus is alive

And they will see him.


Job 19:25-27

Zech. 12:10