Genesis 41:46-57 Joseph – like Jesus’ Ministry

03-7-27 Genesis 41:46-57 Joseph – Like Jesus’ Ministry CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Once Joseph began to rule, things turned out exactly as he had prophesied in the interpretation of the dreams.  The seven years of plenty came and they stored up corn for the coming famine.  Then the famine began and they had to open the storehouses and start selling corn, not only to the Egyptians, but also to the surrounding countries.  During Joseph’s rule we see 9 more types of the Lord Jesus Christ to add to the 69 we have already found.


#   Similarity Joseph’sReference Jesus’Reference
70 Both were 30 when they beganTheir ministries. 41:46 Lk. 3:23
71 As Joseph went out from thePresence of Pharaoh, so Jesus had

To go out from the presence of God.

41:46 Jn. 3:13; 6:38
72 As Joseph went through all Egypt,So Jesus went through all Israel. 41:46 Lk. 4:42-43
73 As Asenath was Joseph’s only wife,So the Church is Jesus’ only bride. 41:50 Eph. 5:25; SOS 6:9;2 Cor. 11:2
74 Manasseh means forgetting.  AsJoseph had to forget his family and

His affliction, so Jesus had to work

In spite of family rejection and


41:51 Lk. 9:58; Jn. 7:5; Matt. 10:36
75 Ephraim means fruitful.  As JosephWas very fruitful in Egypt, so Jesus

Bore much fruit in the world.

41:52 Jn. 12:24
76 “What he saith to you, do,” was saidAbout both of them. 41:55 Jn. 2:5
77 As they had to go to Joseph forBread, so they had to go to Jesus,

“The bread of life,” for bread.

41:55 Jn. 6:34-35
78 As all countries came to Joseph forBread, so all countries need to come

To Jesus for salvation.

41:57 Mk. 16:15; Acts 1:8