Who Is Jesus Christ, Jn 1:1-5

Who Is Jesus Christ John 1:1-5 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

John’s Gospel jumps right into the ministry of Jesus Christ and introduces the main character of his gospel by ascribing Him five attributes. The main character, Jesus Christ, is described as the Word, God, the Creator, life, and the light of men.

The Word – (v.1) Some people and religions say that in fact Jesus Christ is not God, but that He is rather some lesser, created god, the Son of God in Eternity. That is to say that Jesus became the Son of God at some point in the distant past before the creation of men. John immediately clears this up in his introduction of Jesus Christ because he does not introduce Him as “In the beginning was the Son of God, and the Word was with the Son of God, and the Word was the Son of God.”  Instead he says, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  In eternity, Jesus Christ is the Word and not the Son. Jesus does not become the Son until He is born of Mary [Ps 2:7].  He became known as the Son of Man because He was born of Mary who was flesh (John 1:14). He also became known as the Son of God because God was His Father by way of the virgin birth.

God – (v.1) The Bible contains many verses that reveal to us that Jesus Christ is indeed God and not merely one of God’s creations (John 10:33, 1Jn 5:7). God is one being in three persons. For example, you are one person and yet you have three components including a spirit which matches the Holy Ghost, a soul which matches God the Father, and a body which matches Jesus Christ manifest in the flesh (1Th 5:23, Gen 1:26, 1Tim 3:16).  We can see the same triune nature in the Sun because it has three types of rays which are actinic rays, heat rays and light rays. Light rays we can see and feel just as mankind could see and feel Jesus Christ when He was manifest in the flesh. Heat rays we cannot see but can feel just like the Holy Ghost which we can feel but cannot see. Actinic rays we cannot see or feel just like the Father which we cannot see or feel. There are three rays, but they all come from one Sun (John 5:18).

The Creator – (v.3) We have a Creator and the Bible tells us clearly that He is Jesus Christ (1Cor 8:6). You know Jesus Christ by written and verbal revelation.  When you read or hear a verse of scripture the Holy Spirit uses that verse to reveal to you God’s singular truth.

Life – (v.4) Jesus Christ is the source of life everlasting and you must receive Him if you are to have everlasting life (1Jn 5:11-12, John 3:16). Salvation is found in Jesus Christ and not in things, practices, rituals, creeds, or attendances (John 14:6, 11:25, 1:12). Without the breath of life that Jesus Christ imparts to us we are dead.

Light – (v.5) If we look out into the universe we see that we live in a universe of darkness. Jesus is the light of the world who will lead us out of the darkness of this universe and into Heaven if we believe and receive Him (John 8:12, 3:19).