Putting Off The Old Man, Col 3:5-11

Putting Off the Old Man Colossians 3: 5-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you got saved, if you did, not only did you escape hell, but you also were given a new man in exchange for you old man (v. 9-10).  The old man is Adam – your adamic nature.  The new man is Christ – your new nature, I Cor 15:22.  When you got saved, you put off that old man.  Rom 6:6-7, he was crucified.  However, this is not something done once.  Doctrinally, yes – you are crucified.  Practically, no – you have to put him off.  Eph 4:22, Col 3:9.  Doctrinally, you put on a new man at salvation.  But practically, you have to put him on Col 3:10 – just like putting on clothes.  II Cor 4:16, you do this daily.  Now putting off the old man is rough because (v.7) you walk in him.  If you were 30 years old when you got saved, then 6 months after your salvation, you had 30 years of living with the old man and only 6 months with the new.  So Gal 5:16-17, you have a war on your hands.  So how to gain the spiritual advantage – subdue that old man by:

Elimination (v.5) – Mortify the members, Rom 8:13

  • Fornication – physical act; adultery – Matt 5:28 in the heart; I Thes 4:3; Acts 15:20, kids and adults
  • Uncleanness – I Thes 2:3; 4:6-7, defraud; not holy; Like in sports, when a person puts a move on someone and no foul, they say, “It was clean.”  So, uncleanness is like foul play
  • Inordinate affection – Beyond the ordinary, beyond the reasonable limits – i.e. homosexuality and child molesters; I Cor 6:9
  • Evil concupiscence – Concupiscence is a strong or ardent desire, something that gives delight to the senses – evil, lust, or wrong kind; Jas 1:14-15
  • Covetousness and idolatry – Makes a god out of the thing it wants; USA today

Eradication (v.8)

  • Anger – mad
  • Wrath – anger that explodes (invisible)
  • Malice – intent to hurt someone verbally or physically, Prov 2:18
  • Blasphemy – to speak evil of, revile
  • Filthy communication – cursing and dirty jokes
  • Lying (v.9) – Christians do this all the time

Edification (v.10) – Put on new; Talk about this more in tomorrow’s broadcast; Renew in spirit, word, prayer, church; New man – no distinction in nationality

Excoriation (v.6) – to excoriate is to upbraid, rebuke, bawl out – Wrath – Discipline, rebuke, reproof – Correction, chastening – Whatever God has to do to punish the evil deeds and convince you to get rid of them