Things Above

Things Above Colossians 3: 1-4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Set your affection on things above.  Those things above include:

Our Saviour – where Christ sitteth, v. 1

Our Father – at his right hand, v. 1

His Word – read it and believe it, Ps 119:89, Ps 138:2

Our Fellowship – which we have with him through prayer, I Jn 1:3

His Throne – Heb 4:16, Rev 4

Our Mother – New Jerusalem, Gal 4:26, Rev 21

Our Loved Ones – who have already gone before, II Cor 5:8

Our Mansions – Jn 14:1-6

Our Treasures – sent on ahead, Matt 6:19-20


These are things to love.  But there are some conditions:

You need to be saved (v. 1) –Col2:12

You need to seek those things above (v. 1) – Matt 7:7

You need to separate from the world (v.2) – I Jn 2:15; Jas 4:4

You need to be dead in Christ (v.3) – Rom 6:11

You need to love His appearing (v.4) – II Tim 4:8