Isaiah 3:9-26 The Evil Reward

 The Evil Reward Is 3: 9-26 CLICK  TITLE FOR AUDIO

In v.8Judah and Jerusalem turned against the Lord [with their tongue and their doings].  In v.9, they couldn’t hide it because it showed on their countenance [like Jer 3:3 and Prov21:29, the countenance reveals the nature] and they declared it [likeSodom, Gen 13:13, 19:4-5, 11; Ezek 16:49-50].  In so doing they rewarded evil to themselves.  The evil would be rewarded according to his wickedness, v.11, yet the righteous would be rewarded according to his righteousness, v.10.

And here’s their evil reward.  They are:

Oppressed by Children – v.12 – starts with a lack of respect and honor for authority, 2 Ki 2:23-24; Mk 7:10-13.  After that, 2 Tim 3:2, disobedient to parents.  And then 1 Tim 1:9, murderers of mothers and fathers … gangs and school shootings.

Ruled by Women – v.12 – like Jezebel 1 Ki 19:1-2, 21:7-8.  See 1 Tim 2:11-12.

Led by Transgressors – v.12 – the cause to err and destroy the way like Matt 23:13-15 [ see also v.16, 17, 19, 24].

Judged by the Lord – v.13-14 – ultimately the goal of the transgressors is to remove accountability to God.  But according to Rom 14:12 we still all have to give account of ourselves to God and he judges in righteousness.

Spoiled by their rulers – v.14-15 – they ate the vineyard [Matt21:33-41] and spoiled the poor.  Men who speak about helping the poor use the poor to get rich [Jn 12:5-6; Matt 23:4, 14]. Contrast Is 58:6-7.  Stalin, with communism, was a mass murderer of the poor.

Uglified by God – v.16-24 – the bravery of their ornaments separated them from God [Ex 33:4-6, contrast 1 Pet 3:3-5 and compare Deut 28:56-57].  A caul is a net to enclose their hair.  A round tire is a woman’s headdress.  A muffler is a scarf worn around the throat.  A mantle is a loose, sleeveless coat.  A wimple is a head covering leaving only the face exposed.  A crisping pin is a curler used for tight curls [like a permanent].  A stomacher is a richly ornamented triangular piece of cloth to cover the chest and abdomen.  Under Hitler, the women were stripped naked [v.17], their jewels were all confiscated and even their gold teeth were removed [v.18-23], they were shaved bald [v.24], and they were gassed and incinerated [v.24].

Killed by war – v.25 – Deut 28:25-30 – they were ransacked by Nebuchadnezzar and they were killed by the millions in concentration camps by Hitler.

Desolated by her enemies – v.26 – Deut 28:49-52 – Nebuchadnezzar burned the temple; Titus destroyed it so that there was not one stone laid upon another [Matt 24:2].