Protect Your Faith, Col 2:6-8

Protect Your Faith Colossians 2:6-8 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

According to Paul, there are four great enemies of your faith in the world. They are philosophy, vain deceit, religion, and education.  They will spoil you like an enemy spoils in war.  Now you can keep from getting spoiled by your faith in Christ.  You received him by faith – walk by faith, II Cor 5:7.  Walk in the Spirit, Gal 5:16.  If you are not saved, you can’t walk like that.  If you are saved, you got saved by faith, and now you must walk in faith.  Galatians is all about that.  How are you going to protect yourself in the battles with those four enemies?  By:

  1. A fixed faith (v.7) – Rooted; Mt      13:23, good ground; Is 37:31, root downward; Ps 80:9, deep root; Ps 1:3,      planted by waters [the word of God]
  2. A fortified faith – Built up;      church building in Beeville needed buttresses to fortify it; preaching and      teaching; iron sharpeneth iron; reinforcements (you never can quit      building faith, otherwise you get flabby)
  3. A firm faith [established] – we’ve      been through the storms and fiery trials and withstood the test; Jas 1:2-3;      I Pet 1:6-7; Steadfast, unmovable, always abounding

That is a firm, well fortified, fixed faith which can stand the attacks that come from:

  1. Philosophy – love of wisdom,      search for the underlying causes and principles of reality – Solomon wiser      than any, I Ki 3:12; Vanity, I Cor 1:19-21, wisdom of man: Nietchze, Marx,      Plato (socialism), Aristotle (suicide), Socrates, Xenophanes, Anatimander,      Heraclites, Empedocles; John Dewey – get rid of NT and improve [impossible];      Look at what they did to the countries (Hitler)
  2. Science – vain deceit; I Tim6:20; Space, medicine, communication,      transportation, conveniences (now have environmental problems); Destroy      faith in God and put faith in man, Jer 17:5
  3. Religion – Mk 7, tradition; Matt      16:6, Pharisees; No religion improves Christianity; Faith in works and not      in Christ; you know what’s wrong with religion “It has man in it”
  4. Education – basics, fundamentals –      But also sex education, situational ethics, homosexuality, drugs; Prov      19:27, cease from this kind of knowledge which destroys faith so you can trust      your brain

None of these solves these three major problems: Are you Happy? Do you know where you are going when you die? Do you have it in writing?  Only the Bible can solve these.