Paul’s Ministry, Col 1:24-29

Paul’s Ministry Colossians 1:24-29 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In v.23, Paul talks of the gospel and says: “whereof I Paul am made a minister” and he says it again in v.25.  So what was his ministry in the gospel?  What is the ministry of any minister?

  1. Ministry of suffering (v.24) – Phil      3:8, suffered the loss of things; II Tim 4:16, loss of friends; I Cor      4:9-10,13, loss of reputation; I Cor 4:11-13, just suffered; II Cor      11:23-25, beaten along with Jesus, couldn’t whip on him, so whip on Paul
  2. Ministry of faithfulness (v.25) –      He was faithful to fulfill the word of God; I Cor 9:16-17, dispensation; I      Cor 9:20-22,
  3. Ministry of stewardship (v.26) – I      Cor 4:1-2
  4. Ministry of revelation (v.27) – Eph      3:1-5, unique; Gal 1:12, unique
  5. Ministry of preaching (v.28) – II      Tim 4:2; II Cor 4:5, Christ; I Col 1:21b-23a
  6. Ministry of warning (v.28) – Acts      20:31; I Cor 4:14
  7. Ministry of teaching (v.28) – I      Tim 3:2; Acts5:42,15:35; II Tim 4:3
  8. Ministry of training (v.28) – Present      every man perfect; II Tim 2:2 discipleship; the Call to preach is a call      to prepare
  9. Conclusion (v.29) ­– That is work      and labor; that is only possible with God working in the minister, Jn 15:5,      Phil 4:3