What Hath God Done, Col 1:13-15

What Hath God Done Colossians 2:13-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you received Christ, you were given many promises of what God is going to do in your life.  But remarkably, while the future is indeed glorious, there are a lot of wonderful things the Lord has already accomplished for you.  Unfortunately, many Christians fail to recognize what those things are and so they miss out on some of the blessings and understanding of what has already been done.  What had God done?

  1. He set you up for an eternal inheritance – Most preaching is aimed at helping you deal with life’s emotional and psychological struggles or is aimed at prosperity now or      future prophesies.  Both of these leave you high and dry considering your future inheritance.  So in eternity, all time wasted on feeling better down here and getting richer down here will rob you for what God has already set aside for you.  He has reserved a glorious, rich inheritance, Eph 1:18 and an incorruptible, undefiled, unfading inheritance, I Pet 1:4.  You have the down payment now, Eph 1:14.  You get the rest after you die, I Cor 15:50.  But receiving your inheritance has 3 conditions: Your growth in the Word, Acts 20:32, I Pet 2:2; Your service to Christ, Col3:24 [watch out for these thieves: business, covetousness, selfishness]; and Your suffering for godliness (all who live godly suffer, I Pet 3:9, II Tim 2:12, Rom 8:17).  You have already been matched up with your inheritance but consuming your energy down here on things other than these three is going to rob you in eternity.
  2. He has delivered you from the power of darkness – We still live in a dark world controlled by the devil, but we are no longer under his power when you got saved, II Cor 4:4-6.  Paul preached this in Acts 26:18.  So when you think you are under his power, arm yourself with Eph 6:10 and Rom 8:37.  You are more than conquerors over – v.38-39 and v.35-36.
  3. He has already put you in the Kingdom of God – He “translates” you – to bear, remove or change from one place or condition to another, transport, transfer, convey.  We are in theKingdom of God, Lk 17:20-21, Rom 14:17.  Our conversation and affection are heavenly.  We are simply waiting on the rapture for our bodies to be there, II Tim 4:18.       Takes the new birth to get there, Jn 3:3.  And if you don’t go there, you go to hell, Mk 9:47.