Genesis 7:1-10 The coming Flood

Genesis 7:1-10 The coming flood CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage of scripture, we are dealing with an historical event that many people don’t believe.  However, it is a fact that is established by the Lord Jesus himself in Matt. 24:38.  And unless you believe that Jesus was a liar, you will believe it, too.


1)      INVITATION v.1 – Notice the similarities in the invitation that Noah received to enter the ark and the invitation to receive Christ.  There is urgency in Christ’s invitation to “Come now,” Is. 1:18.  He makes the invitation, but you have to come.


a)      It’s a Specific Invitation – “Come.” This matches Rev. 22:17 & Matt. 11:28-30.

b)      To a Specific Individual – “Thou.” God deals with each of us individually, Rom. 10:9-10; 13.

c)      With a Specific Group of People – “Thy house.” When you get saved, God wants you to bring someone with you, Acts.16:31; Acts 10:24.

d)     Into aSpecific Place– “The ark.” The ark, as we have seen, is a type of Christ.  When you get saved, the Holy Spirit puts you into Christ, 1 Cor. 12:13, Eph. 5:30.


2)      INSTRUCTION v.2-3 – He was instructed to load the animals and birds.


a)      7 pairs of clean beasts:  For propagation, Gen. 8:17;  For food, Gen. 9:3-4;  For sacrifice, Gen. 8:20.

b)      1 pair of unclean beasts, listed in Lev. 11.

c)      7 pairs of fowls.


3)      INSIGHT v.4 – Noah believed the Lord when He said that He would destroy “every living substance.”  That indicated a “universal” flood and not just a local flood.  The next time that the Lord destroys the earth it will be with fire, 2 Pet. 3:10-12.


4)      INTEGRITY v.5 – Noah did what he was commanded to do, just like Moses did, Ex. 39.


5)      INGATHERING V.6-10 – Noah and his family and the animals went “into the ark.”


a)      The ark typifies a “coffin” because they had to give up the world, or die to the world, that they might live, Mk. 8:35-38.

b)      Noah had to labor to bring his family in, as we have to labor to get our family saved.

c)      Noah had to believe in the coming danger enough to do something about it, Matt. 23:33.

d)     He had to believe in the “remedy” enough to enter, Jn. 10:10.


6)      INHERITANCE – The seven days that elapsed between the time they entered the ark and the beginning of the flood gave Noah time to preach, 2 Pet. 2:5.  Because of his righteousness (7:1), Noah became an “heir of the righteousness that is by faith,” (Heb. 11:7; Eze.14:14).