Wise Counsel for Christians Phil. 4:1-5

Philippians 4:1-5 Wise Counsel for Christians CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO 

THE LORD IS AT HAND.  Paul is writing to help these Christians out and so he gives them wise counsel.  He can, and they will receive it because they are: Dearly beloved  I Cor 13, [Charity edifieth]; Longed  for; his converts – his Joy and crown [I Th 2:9].

Here is the counsel:

  1. Stand fast in the Lord (v. 1)

Phil 1:27, by working together in the gospel

Eph 6:10-18, by armor

I Cor 16:13, by watching, faith, quit you like men

Gal 5:1, liberty

  1. Settle your differences (v. 2)

Matt 18, go to them with any problems

I Cor 6, take it without going to court

Gal 6, restore one another

  1. Help each other out (v. 3)

Women – Acts 18, Pricilla; Rom 16:3

With Jesus, Mk 15:40-41

“In the Book of Life,” saved

  1. Keep Rejoicing (v. 4)

Don’t get down – I Th 5:16 – one pastor who was a licensed psychiatrist put half his congregation on Prozac

  1. Be moderate in all things (v. 5) in your use of the world, in your balance of exercise, health, church, family – as a general rule, don’t overdo or under do anything