The Power of His Resurrection, Phil 3:4-14

Philippians 3:4-14 The Power of His Resurrection CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

According to v. 10, we can live according to the power Christ’s resurrection.  The same power that raised him up is in us.  But you have to do some things to tap into it.  Would you like to live in that power?  Paul sure did in v. 12.  He wanted it NOW, and not for selfish reasons.  What does it take?  You have to:

Lose your religion (v.4-8) – suffer the loss and deny yourself – how unlike the Pharisees of Lk 8:9-12, or the businessman of Mk 8:36-37 – You have to lose that stuff

Know Christ personally (v.8, 10) – Paul already knew him by salvation but here he was talking about real fellowship, personal fellowship, I Jn 1:3

Live by Faith (v.9) – Heb 11:6; Rom 10:3-4; you are saved by faith, so why would you get puffy about how good you are by living in WORKS – Gal 3, good works don’t make you perfect

Suffer with Christ (v.10)- II Tim 3:12; 2:12 – Jesus resurrected because he suffered the death of the cross – when you suffer, you are going to reign, but you receive power now,                 I Pet 4:1-2

Die daily (v.10) – Rom 6:11, I Cor 15:31

Fulfill God’s Plan (v.12) – You were bought with a price, I Cor 6:20, glorify God – the best way to prepare for tomorrow is to do what you ought to today, which involves Sanctification, I Thes 4, Thanksgiving, I Thes 5, and Living sacrifice, Rom 12:1-2

Forget the past (v.13) – whether they be victories, disappointments, betrayal, sins, childhood trouble, or whatever

Look to the future (v.13) – Blessed hope, Tit 2:13

Press toward the mark (v.14) – there is something out there for you to do that can’t be done without the power of Christ – Jn 15:5, without me ye can do nothing

These are the nine ingredients necessary to work in His resurrected power.