Isaiah 2:1-5 When Christ Returns

When Christ Returns Isaiah 2: 1-5  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah can tell us what happens when Christ returns because he “saw” the word of the Lord and what he saw concerns the “last days” which begin in the tribulation and continue through the Second Advent of Jesus.  When Christ returns:

Jerusalem Becomes the Preeminent City – “the top of the mountains” – because they did not believe the word of the Lord through Isaiah, they would first be destroyed [2 Ki 23:26-27] – but after Jesus returns see Zech 14:16-17, 1:14-17 – contrast the offer that the devil made to Jesus in Lk 4:5-6.

Judah Becomes the Preeminent Place of Worship – “above the hills” where they had been sacrificing to and worshipping their false gods [2 Ki 23:4-8] – see Zech 8:22-23 – they won’t be going toMecca orSalt   Lake City or theVatican orFatima or Guadalupe anymore.

Israel Becomes the Preeminent Nation – “all nations shall flow unto it” – Is 14:1-3; 60:14-15, 22 – surprising considering how many nations will gather together to remove them from even being a nation.

Jesus Becomes the Preeminent Spiritual Leader – he will teach them “his ways,” Is 55:7-9 and “his paths,” Ps 25:4-5, 27:11 – he will be the Lord of lordsRev 19:16, the only true Lord 1 Cor 8:5-6.

Jesus Becomes the Preeminent King – “out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem” – Zech 14:9 the one King of the earth, Ps 47:7-8, Lk 1:32 – he’ll teach his law Ps 19:7-8 and his word Matt 24:35 [contrast Amos 8:11-12].

Jesus Becomes the Preeminent Judge – “he shall judge among the nations” – he will judge the nations Matt 25:31-46,Rev 19:15.

As a Result: The nations disarm their soldiers, v.4 [see Mic 4:2-3, Joel 3:10-11]; They establish world peace [Zech 9:9-10; Is 9:6-7]; They end the military [“neither shall they learn war any more”]; and They walk in light [Is 60:19-20;Rev 21:23-26].