Matthew 21:1-16 The Triumphal Entry

What you are studying today is what has been commonly called the triumphal entry. This is the place where Jesus rides a colt into Jerusalem amidst the cries of “Hosanna to the Son of David.” The Jews who were praising him were ready to make him their king. As such, you will notice that the whole passage has its ultimate fulfillment at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

In the first three verses, we find the instructions given to the disciples to bring the colt. It’s as if everything has already been prepared just like the preparations for the supper in the upper room [Mk 14:12-15].

Now notice all of the connections to the Second Advent:

Verses 4-5 are a reference to Zech 9:9-10, which was only partly fulfilled because the Jews rejected their king and called for his crucifixion.

Verse 6 is a reference to the 2 disciples whom Jesus sent in verse 1 and they match the 2 witnesses of Rev 11

Verse 7 is a match to Rev 19:11

So, in verse 8, the garments match Rev 14:20 and Is 63:1-6, where the enemies of God are trampled under the horses hooves at the Second Advent
And the branches match the branches at the feast of tabernacles (the time of the Lord’s return) [Lev 23:34, 39-42 and Matt 17:4]

In verse 9, Hosanna is the Hebrew term of praise for the Lord (some say it was used at the feast of tabernacles). Blessed is he that cometh in the name of the Lord matches Ps 118:26 (in the context of Ps 118:26 are the following verses that deal with the 2nd Advent verses 10-12 and 19-25). The Son of David is the king matching Lk 1:31-33 (where Jesus is promised the throne of his father David).

In verse 11, the prophet of Nazareth of Galilee fulfills the promise in Deut 18:15-18 (Moses got them to the Promised Land and Jesus will get them to their millennial inheritance).

Now when Jesus arrived at the temple, things happened that precipitated his demise

12 – cast out = see Jn 2:13-17, the way he started his ministry is the way he ended it – he’ll cast out the antichrist’s crowd when he returns (2 Thes 2)
13 – written = in two places in the Old Testament we find the cross references to the house of prayer and the den of thieves [Is 56:7; Jer 7:11]
15 – their displeasure led to their envy [Mk 15:10]
16 – babes = the cross references are Ps 8:2 with Matt 11:25