Jesus’ Humility Phil. 2:5-8

 Phil 2: 5-8 Jesus’ Humility CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

As a preacher said about the Christian life, “The way up is down.”  In the life of John of whom it was said, “There is not a greater prophet than John,” he made the way of humility clear when Christ began to minister.  “He must increase, but I must decrease.”  Indeed, the way up is down.  And it was never better demonstrated than in the life of Jesus Christ.  If you want to concern yourself with WWJD, try this one.  That is what Paul said in v. 5, “Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.”  What a job!  But wow, what a pay off!  He took seven steps down and God gave him seven steps up in return.  Look where he was in v. 6.  He is God, Jn 1:1, 1 Jn 5:7.   And he is the true God, II Cor 4:4.  Therefore, while he was here it was not robbery to be equal to God.  But the Jews didn’t like him, Jn 5:18, Jn 10:33.  They thought it was robbery so they crucified him with thieves.  God, going along with them, comes back as a Thief in the Night.

So, what steps did he take down, II Cor 9:8?

No reputation

  1. Carpenter, Mk 6:2-3
  2. Wine bibber/ glutton, Mt 11:19
  3. Despised, Is 53:3
  4. Different reputation and character
  5. Pretty low for the King of Glory


  1. Matt 20:27-28
  2. Jn 13:15-17, washed feet

Likeness of men

  1. Comp Gen 1:26
  2. Where we make in likeness of God
  3. Came down with eyes, ears, nose, hair, etc.
  4. Heb 12:29, God is a consuming fire, I Tim 3:16
  5. Jn 14:9, see me and see the father
  6. I Tim 2:5, the MAN Christ Jesus

Fashioned as a man

  1. Hungered, Mt 4:2
  2. Thirsted, Jn 4
  3. Rested, Mk 4:38
  4. Sweat, Mat 26
  5. Is 53:2, no form or comeliness


  1. Jn 6:38
  2. Jn 4:34
  3. Jn 5:30

Obedient unto death

  1. Mt 16:21
  2. Jn 10:17-18