To Live or Die Phil. 1:21-26

Philippians 1:21-26 To Live or Die CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul’s life is so tied to Christ’s that he would rather die than live so that he could be with Him.  He said in v. 21, “To die is gain.”  In v. 23, he said, “to be with Christ, which is FAR BETTER.”  Now how could he come to that decision unless he knew some things?

He knew where he was going when he died

  1. I Jn 5:13
  2. II Cor 5:8

He knew what was waiting for him

  1. II Cor 12:1-5
  2. Heaven was real to Him

He knew that he would escape

  1. II Cor 11, persecution and suffering
  2. Rom 7, flesh
  3. Eph 6, spiritual warfare
  4. Most are so comforted now, they wouldn’t want to leave

He was in love with the one he would see

  1. Matt 6,  his heart was in heaven
  2. Col 3, affection above

But he also said in v. 24, “to abide in the flesh is more needful for you.”  In v. 26, He really expected to get out of bondage and to come see them again.  His desire to live was not selfishly motivated.  His life was “Christ” (v. 21).  And his time was given totally to their need – a real minister, I Cor 9:19-27, Rom 15:1-3.  So unlike the ministry today – churches pop up like convenient stores and seem to be for the profit of the pastor as much as anything.