The Fall Out Phil. 1:12-20

The Fall Out Philippians 1:12-20 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul got locked up because of preaching the gospel and disobeying the Holy Spirit’s warning.  There was some fall out.  In Antioch– he could have complained, “Is this anyway to treat the preacher?”  “What did I do to deserve this?”  So forth.  He also could have looked for the “good” side.  He made mistakes, but his heart was right and he was called to God’s purpose, so there was a “good” side.  This is true for you too.  So, what was the “good” fall out from his being in prison?

Furthered the gospel (v. 12)

This was his total desire, I Cor 2:2, II Cor 4:5-6, I Cor 9:16

So being in jail spread the gospel further

He wrote the epistles there, and we still benefit today – really furthered it

Furthered his testimony (v. 13)

News of Paul’s testimony spread causing others to come to Christ, Phil 4:22, Caesar’s household, Philemon 10

Many are affected when they hear and see how God has worked in your life

Furthered the boldness of others (v. 14)

Eph 6:18-20, they saw that being in prison didn’t slow Paul down a bit

He became bolder and so encouraged others to do the same

Martyrdom is an inspiration to action

9/11 – this may cost us, but we are willing to fight

Furthered the talk of Christ, he got his enemies and his friends talking (v. 15)

His enemies despised him

You know how “news” is – talk for it or against it makes little difference.  The fact that your talking keeps it in the public eye

His enemies were contentious – they thought he got what was coming to him so they were trying to rub it in (v. 16)

His friends loved him (v. 17)

If he can take it, so can I

He is willing to take a stand, willing to suffer for right, that’s character

He defends the gospel, Acts 26:19-23; I Pet 2:19-21; 4:16

Furthered his joy (v. 18)

Christ was being preached, which caused him JOY

If he had to suffer to have that happiness, well glory, II Cor 12:9-11

You wouldn’t get Paul down

Furthered his spiritual supply (v. 19)

Salvation and consolation

Also getting out of jail (v. 26)

II Cor 1:5-11 – It makes up for his mistake of getting locked up

Furthered his hope (v. 20)

Christ magnified in him, Col 1:24-25, Gal 6:17, Gal 3:1, Phil 3:10, Death and power.