Inhibiting the Work of Salvation

Inhibiting the Work of Salvation Phil. 2:12-13 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Salvation is not by works, but once you are saved, once God is in you, then you have to work out what God is working in you.  But many Christians don’t do this.  Here are some things that inhibit your ability to work out your salvation.

Neglect – 1 Tim 4:14 – some folks get saved and are content to just be saved and never grow – if you plant a garden and do not water, weed or fertilize it, it won’t grow much – likewise, when you neglect to work out your own salvation, you won’t grow.

Fear – Matt25:25 – some folks are so afraid of failure and so afraid of the unknown, that they just won’t attempt anything for God.

Distraction – 1 Ki 20:40 – some folks are so busy with so many other things going on that they never concentrate enough time or effort on working out their salvation – so they don’t grow.

Conceit – Prov 26:12 – some folks look at themselves compared to others around them and conclude that they are good enough already – so, in their minds, they have nothing more to work out.

Leisure – Mk 6:31 – we need to rest, but some folks take their leisure so seriously that they don’t have time to work out their own salvation for all the leisure they enjoy when they are not occupied with family and job requirements.

Procrastination – Jud 19 – some folks keep putting off working out their own salvation so that they just never get around to it.