Encouraging Words Phil. 1:3-8

Philippians 1:3-8 Encouraging Words CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul was encouraged by the Philippian saints and these words should be both an encouragement to us and an example to us on how we can encourage others.  He was encouraged by them by their:

 Remembrance (v. 3)

    1. He remembered them regularly and thanked God for them
    2. “I thank God for you”
    3. Eph 1:15-16, does a man good to be able to thank God for others – so often the thought of Christians can be negative [see v.8] He wanted to be with them like Rom 15:23-24

Joy (v. 4)

    1. It was a pleasure to pray for them
    2. It was a joy in his heart to hear answers to his prayers
    3. They were helping him and it was a joy to reciprocate with prayer
    4. Sykes, “I need money and prayer. Prayer gives us the power to do our work.”

Fellowship (v. 5)

    1. In the gospel – they were a very significant part of his ministry
    2. They started with Paul 4:15 and continued with him
    3. He encouraged them by keeping them informed of work so that they could help him and pray for him – i.e. missionary prayer letters
    4. Informed and involved people are more content sheep
    5. Phil 4:10, 14-18, encouraging

Good works (v. 6)

    1. God had jobs for them to do and Paul was encouraged that he believed God would get the work done through them – greater works

Participation (v. 7)

    1. They worked in the grace of God in his ministry
    2. They were bound with him
    3. Heb 13:3 with I Sam 30:24
    4. Encouraging

Thank God for your fellow Christians.

Pray for them with joy always.

Fellowship with them and inform and include them in your ministry.

Build their confidence that God will perform his work in their lives.

Let them participate in the work and grace.

They will be an absolute encouragement to you!!