Servants and Masters Eph. 6:5-9

Ephesians 6:5-9 Servants and Masters CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Today, this would be employer and employee.  But the instructions are the same, even so.  Furthermore, concerning servants, though we are sons, we still must serve Jesus.  So, to us in service to Christ, as well (Rom 6:22; II Cor 4:5).  The same exhortation is in Col 3:22 and I Tim 6:1-3.  It is the same application whether bond servants (Eph 6:8b) or hired and whether the boss is saved or lost.  There is no difference.  Now the conditions for servants (employees) are clear and beneficial.  Command: Obey your employer.  Always looking for ways to do better.  Do exactly what you are told.

 Don’ be Insubordinate – with fear and trembling

    1. Phil 2:12-13
    2. II Cor 7:14-15
    3. Disobedience, defiance, rebelliousness, mutiny, noncompliance
    4. The Lord rules with a rod of iron

Don’t get distracted – in singleness of heart as unto Christ

    1. Keep your mind on Jesus and on your job
    2. Can’t serve two masters, Matt 6:24
    3. Can’t serve yourself and him, more about quality of your work
    4. I Cor 10:31
    5. Many work and worry more about their retirement, their benefits, and their incentives

Don’t need supervision – Not with eye service as men pleasers but as servants of Christ

    1. Christ watches everything
    2. Heb 4:12-13
    3. II Chr 16:9

Do put your heart into it – Doing the will of God from the heart

    1. Prov 17:3
    2. Col 3:23
    3. Motive, effort, loyalty, faithfulness

Work with employers best interest at heart – With good will

    1. Phil 2:3
    2. I Thes 5:12-13

Work just like you were working for God, as if your immediate supervisor were God himself

    1. Matt 20:25-28
    2. Phil 1:1
    3. Gen 39:4; 39:22-23; 41:40
    4. Joseph was Faithful, so he was put over all


    1. He will repay you someday
    2. Col 3:24-25
    3. I Cor 3:11-15

Employers and Masters

    1. You work the same way and don’t be threatening the employees to make them work harder
    2. There is a payday for you, too, and God doesn’t care who you are – no respecter of persons
    3. If you treat them wrong, you get the same treatment from God