Just Let Bitterness Go, Eph 4:31-32

Ephesians 4:31-32 Just Let It Go CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Christians today can be very bitter about some things.  So Paul gives a  great admonition on how to get past all that.  You’ve got to put away some things and that can be mighty tough.  He tells us to put away:


  • Heb 12:15
  • Get bitter at God because of something he did or didn’t do so you backslide, take it out on others, or sin to show Him
  • Then it spreads
  • Job 7:11, Man in trouble with God
  • Rom 3:14, men are full of cursing and bitterness


  • Jas 1:19-20, be slow to wrath
  • Gal 5:20, it’s in the flesh
  • Wrath is an enraged feeling expressed vehemently and accompanied by bitterness or condemnation


  • A strong feeling of displeasure
  • May not accompany an outburst like wrath
  • Many are very angry and don’t express it but rage like a caldron inside
  • Prov 14:17; 22:24


  • The loud and continuous uproar or many human voice’s usually confused
  • Prov 9:13, clamorous woman
  • A simpleton who knows nothing

Evil speaking

  • Ps 41:5
  • Titus 3:1-2
  • Jude 10


  • Uses the first five things above to hurt somebody

Rather than go with these things, become:


  • Col 3:12


  • II Ki 22:19
  • Not hard hearted


  • Lk 17:3-4
  • II Cor 2:7

Why?  Because Christ forgave you, and when he did:

He dropped the wrath

  • I Thes 5:9
  • Rom 5:9

He dropped the anger

  • Ps 7:11

He didn’t tell everybody about you

  • I Jn 1:9
  • Charity covereth sins

He was kind, tender, and forgiving

  • Titus 3:4-5
  • So be the same as he is