The Resurrection of Lazarus

John 11, 12: 1-11 The Resurrection of Lazarus CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Lazarus is an excellent picture of a lost man who gets saved.  Just look at all the wonderful typology.

The Compassion of the Savior – 11:3 – the Lord loved him, Jn 3:16

The Character of the Sinner – 11:3, 14, 39 – Lazarus was sick – sin makes you sick – sick of sin [alcohol, tobacco, drugs, perversion, “he’s sick”] – sick of yourself – sick of each other – sick of life – and Lazarus was dead – Eph 2:1 sinners are dead in trespasses and sins – and he stunk, Ecc 10:1

The Circumstances of the Setting – 11:6, 17 – the Lord waited to move – he abode two days still and by the time he made it Bethany, Lazarus had been in the grave for four days – there was a reason he waited until right then – the Lord wanted folks to glorify God and to know that a very definite miracle had been performed– and in dealing with souls there is definitely something about the Lord’s timing [the optimum time] – he knows the ideal setting and the ideal circumstances – a fellow named Eloy, with whom we recently dealt, kept saying, “I’ll know when the Lord is calling me and I’ll surely get saved then” – how wrong he was; the Lord was calling him right then

The Condition of Salvation – 11:25-27, 40 – believe, Acts 16:31, Rom 10:9-10 – and when a sinner believes on him the Lord will save him

The Change in the Saint – 11:22 loose him and let him go – he escaped from the bondage of sin – he was free to walk in liberty, Jn 8:32-36

The Companionship with the Son – 12:2 Lazarus sat with him at the table whereas before he was no where around the Lord Lk 10:38-42 – he began to enjoy fellowship with him and with his people – when you don’t like being around God’s folks you need to check your salvation

The Converts of the Soul Winner – 12:10-11 – Lazarus was able, through his testimony, to bring some other people to the Lord – the Lord saved you and left you here to reproduce