Trust in Him

Psalm 2:12 Trust in Him CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The last part of Ps 2:12 says, “Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”  And truly, we need to trust in him.

A fellow from Harrisburg, PA, called us to ask us to pray for his daughter who has stage-four cancer throughout her body.  In speaking with him, we were surprised by his calm demeanor and his evident joy.  He said, “We are truly experiencing the peace that passeth all understanding.”  He had been reminded sometime ago, while listening to a sermon, that in everything we are to give thanks, 1 Thes 5:18.  So, he and his wife have been thanking God in the midst of this distressing infirmity and God has been keeping their hearts and minds with his peace.  If you look in Phil 4:6-7, you will notice that the prayers and supplications brought before the Lord are to be accompanied by thanksgiving.  When we prayed on the phone, he and I both confessed that we are trusting God with his daughter and her health.  By the way she is only 42 years old and she has 15 natural born children ranging in ages between 1 and 22 years old.  Can you recommend someone better than the Lord to trust in this situation?

When you consider why you haven’t trusted the Lord in the past or why you do not completely trust him now, some factors must be recognized.  You have to trust in him in spite of your:

Selfishness – E.V. Hill preached his wife’s funeral many years ago.  He recounted the wonderful life they had together and the many beautiful expressions of love she had shown him in their marriage.  He also spoke about his season of prayer in the hospital while she was dying.  He said that the Lord answered him in prayer one day and told him simply, “Trust me.”  Dr. Hill assumed that the Lord wanted him to trust him to heal his wife because that’s what Dr. Hill wanted.  When she died, he questioned the Lord and the Lord reminded him to simply “Trust me.”  That wasn’t an indication that the Lord was going to give Dr. Hill what he wanted but rather it was a command to trust that God knew better than Dr. Hill what was best for his wife and what was best for Dr. Hill.

Emotions – I recently received some of the most heartbreaking news I have ever heard in my life.  My emotions are crashing like waves of the sea.  White caps of grief, anguish, anger, despair and sadness dash me upon the rocks of life and I can’t seem to swim away.  When you’re caught in this case, every instinct is to take matters into you own hands quickly and thrash your way through the problem as rapidly as possible to save yourself or the other person who may be the cause of you heartaches.  The truth is that I have only one hope; I must put my trust in the Lord.  And that’s what you must do.

Anxiety – Listen: If you are drowning and your rescuer comes to save you, your surest hope is to trust the lifeguard and not try to fight your way back to safety.  You could end up drowning and drowning your rescuer with you.  When you are floundering against the rip currents of life, you need to trust God and quit fighting against him.  And you need to quit taking matters into your own hands.

Fear – The Lord knows what to do to help you better than anyone else in the universe.  He has all the resources.  He can influence all of the circumstances.  He can eliminate all of the obstacles.  He can bring you to the very best outcome.  But you are going to have to trust him even though it may look like you are about to be swallowed up by your problems.

Doubt – In a relationship of trust there are a couple of key factors.  The person to be trusted has to be trustworthy and the person trusting has to be a person who can truly trust others.  Let me remind you that the Lord is, has been and will be always trustworthy.  You can find no reason in the history of God’s dealing with men to doubt his trustworthiness. On the other hand, you may be the kind of person who just can’t trust anyone.  Then the fault of your failure to trust God doesn’t rest with the Lord, it rests with you.  Learn to trust him!!

Perspective – During a time when you have to trust the Lord to get you through a tough time, you cannot see far enough down the road to see how things are going to turn out.  But if you consider that God can see that far down the road, then you can be absolutely sure that when you get that far down there, you will be able to look back and realize that by trusting the Lord, things could not have worked out better than they did!  Trust in Him!

By the way, this verse says that there is a blessing in trusting the Lord.  People today respond to questions regarding their current state by saying, “I’m fine” or “I’m blessed.”  These answers are cliché.  They have been used so much that they are meaningless.  Truly, people hardly realize what it means to be truly blessed by the Lord.  Nevertheless, when you trust in him, the Bible promises that you will be blessed.  “Blessed are all they that put their trust in him.”