There’s Just One Eph.4:4-6

Ephesians 4:4-6 Theres Just One CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Eph 4:4-6, the unity of the Spirit and the bond of peace from v. 3 are maintained when everybody is in agreement about the doctrines in v. 4-6.  The trouble is that God says, “There is just one,” but men have come up with many more which leads to all kinds of discord.  Now just look.  There is:

One body (v. 4)

  • I Cor 12:12
  • That body is Christ, not a bunch of little bodies down here
  • It’s not the Eucharist: one man says that his local church is the body
  • One says it is the Universal Invisible body
  • One says the body of Christ refers to a literal body
  • All can’t be right and the discord breaks the unity of the Spirit

One Spirit

  • I Cor 12:3-4
  • Same spirit
  • Unclean spirits confess Christ, Acts 16:16-18
  • Devil! Many churches today imitate the Holy Spirit yet they are of the devil
    • Matt 7:22-23
    • II Th 2:9

One hope of your calling

  • Rom 8:24-25
  • Tit 2:13
  • We are saved by the Hope of the redemption of our bodies at the 2nd coming
  • We will have Perfection and live forever with Him
  • Not “I hope I’m saved”

One Lord

  • Phil 2:6-11
  • I Cor 12:3
  • Jesus is the only one
  • One word Judas never called him was “Lord”; he said, “Master”

One faith

  • Not “what faith are you?” concerning your religious practice
  • Rom 10:6-10, 17
  • The faith that saves you

One baptism

  • I Cor 12:13, baptism by the Spirit of God into the body of Christ
  • Rom 6: 3-6
  • Col 2:11-12
  • Not water baptism (lots of discord on this subject)

One God

  • Not Allah
  • I Cor 8:4-6
  • Father of all
    • Everybody who has received Jesus Christ as their Savior
    • Not Fatherhood of God/ Brotherhood of Man
  • Above all – far above principalities and powers
  • Through all
    • Quantum theory
    • Col 1:17
    • Heb 1:3
  • In you all
    • I Cor 15:27-28