By Faith Enoch, Heb 11:5-6

Our text is Heb 11:5-6, which speaks of Enoch’s faith and his translation to heaven.  Companion passages are Gen 5:21-24 and Jude 14-15.  When you read these passages together, you get a good picture of Enoch’s life and the role of faith in his life.  By faith Enoch did some things.

When Enoch was 65 years old, he begat his firstborn son, Methuselah.  His name means, “When he is dead, it shall be sent”.  Enoch believed that God would send some disaster right after Methuselah died.  And, in fact, God did.  He sent Noah’s flood.

By faith Enoch began to walk with God.  And it’s through this change that we can see what by faith Enoch did.  He had the:

Faith to seek the Lord – Heb 11:6.  In Acts 17:26-27, all men should seek the Lord.  If you’re really seeking the Lord, you will find him. In my own life, I had been seeking the Lord for a couple of years when he showed up and completely changed me.  If you are not saved yet, or if you are saved but you are not walking with the Lord, then seek him.

Faith to believe God – Heb 11:6.  As Enoch walked with God, he believed God and what God said.  When you read the Bible and believe what you are reading, your perspective on life will totally change.  Enoch believed that his generation was ungodly.  He believed that the Lord was coming with ten thousands of his saints.  Likewise, our generation is ungodly.  And we are closer to the Lord’s return that we have ever been.  What are you preaching?  Read you Bible and by faith believe what God is showing you in this Book.  Then don’t be afraid to stand up for the truth. 

Faith to come to God – Heb 11:6.  Come to God.  Separate from the world.  Walk with him.  When you come to God by faith, your old friends will either get saved or they will leave you.  But with God you will find a whole new set of friends.  There’s nothing like God’s people.

Faith to please God – Heb 11:5.  Enoch’s testimony is that he pleased God.  He is a type of church age saint who is alive at the rapture.  We will go up without dying.  Like Enoch, we should please God.  Don’t please yourself.  Don’t please the world.  By faith, please God in everything you do.  We must depend upon him and not ourselves.

Conclusion: By faith Enoch was translated.  By faith we will be translated, too.  Jesus is coming soon.  Keep living by faith till he comes.