Be In Health, 3 Jn 2

John wrote to his friend Gaius and wished for him to be in health.  According to the Bible, there are spiritual things you can do to improve your health.  So, often we concentrate on the physical, medical, and nutritional interventions and overlook the spiritual.  Regardless whether you are in good health or you are dealing with health issues, these four things will help you.

Your health improves with the fear of the Lord and departing from evil – Prov 3:7-8 – see also Job 28:28.  For example, people who pray recover in the hospital faster and better than those who don’t pray.  The fear of the Lord and departing from evil will keep you from things harmful to your health.  This is good “preventative” medicine.  

Your health improves with attending to the words of God – Prov 4:20-23 – reading the words of God is good for your flesh and your heart.  Your heart responds to the comfort and peace of the words of God.  Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God,” [Matt 4:4].

Your health improves with hope in God – Ps 42:11 – it is so easy to become discouraged when you are dealing with health problems.  Rarely does God answer your question, “Why me”?  Yet, hoping in God and enjoying fellowship with Him can encourage you and help to keep you from being depressed.  There is notable health to your countenance.  

Your health improves with pleasant words – Prov 16:24 –  The thing to do then is to get around encouraging people.  Avoid conversations with people who being you down.  As a caregiver, keep the conversations pleasant.  Cut back on or quit listening to the news.  It’s all bad.  When you do, you will notice a reduction in fear and stress in your life!