The Destruction of Gog, Ezek 39:1-29

Ezekiel 39 is a prophecy of the overwhelming destruction of Gog and the gathering of Israel into their own land again.

A Prophecy Against Gog, Ezek 39:1-7

The Lord said, “I am against thee, O Gog”, v.1.  Remember he is the chief prince, and his characteristics in Ezek 38 indicate that he is likely the supernatural prince of Meshech and Tubal, matching the princes of Persia and Grecia in Dan 10.

“I will turn thee back”, v.2.  See Ezek 38:4-6.  He brings all “but the sixth part” of his people.  They come from the north to the mountains of Israel.  Generally, the enemy from the north is the victor in war.  But not this time.

“I will smite thy bow… and will cause thine arrows to fall”, v.3.  This is a prophecy of Gog’s defeat.  See 2 Ki 13:14-20, where Elisha prophesies Israel’s three victories over Syria by Joash’s bow and arrows.  

“Thou shalt fall”, v.4-5.  They fall upon the mountains and they fall upon the open field.  And their carcasses are left to be devoured by the ravenous birds and beasts of the field. 

“I will send a fire”, v.6.  See Joel 2:1-3 and 2 Thes 1:7-9.  These are references to the Second Coming of Jesus.

“So will I make my holy name known”, v.7.  When this destruction  of Gog comes and Israel is saved, Israel will then know God.  See Jer 31:34-35.  And the heathen will know the he is the Lord and they will no longer pollute his holy name.  See Zech 8:20-23.

Burning The Weapons, Ezek 39:8-10

“This is the day”, v.8.  This is a reference to the Second Coming of Jesus.

“They… shall set on fire and burn the weapons”, v.9-10.  There will be so many weapons left after the war that the inhabitants of the cities in Israel will be able to burn them instead of wood for seven years.  See Ps 46:9.

“They shall spoil those that spoiled them”, v.10.  See three excellent cross references in Is 14:2, Is 17:14, and Is 33:1.  Israel gets the upper hand on their enemies overnight.

Burying Gog and His Multitude, Ezek 39:11-16

“I will give unto Gog a place there of graves”, v.11.  Following the destruction of Gog, there will be mass graves for these dead enemies of Israel which they will call “the valley of Hamongog”, meaning the multitude of Gog. It will be in the valley of the passengers on the east of the sea.  Evidently, this is east of the Dead Sea, Joel 2:20, Ezek 47:18.

“Seven months shall the house of Israel be burying”, v.12-16.  To cleanse the land, there will be men continually employed in the process of burying every bone that they find.  Passengers will “flag” any bone that they see so that it can be buried with the rest.  The city near this valley will be called Hamonah, meaning “the multitude”.

Consuming the Sacrifice, Ezek 39:17-22

“Assemble yourselves, and come”, v.17-20.  This is an invitation to the fowls and the beasts to eat the carrion.  See Ezek 29:3-5 and Rev 19:17-18.

“All the heathen shall see my judgment”, v.21-22.  See Rev 19:19-21 and Rev 1:7.

Gathering Israel into Their Own Land, Ezek 39:23-29

“Hid my face”, v. 23-24. See Deut 31:16-18.  As God promised Israel, if they refused to walk in his commandments, he would hide his face from them.  There are numerous references to this in the Old Testament.  “Gave them into the hand of their enemies”, v.23.  See Lev 26:23-26, where God promised that their enemies would prevail if they were disobedient.

“Now will I bring again the captivity of Jacob”, v.25-29.  See Is 60:1-12 and Is 66:18-21.  Following the destruction of Gog, God returns Israel to their own land to fulfill his perpetual covenant with them.  The remaining chapters in Ezekiel deal with Israel in the millennial reign of Jesus.

“I have poured out my spirit”, v.29.  See Joel 2:28.  This is the passage from which Peter preached in Acts 2.

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