Without A Cause – Chris Rue

Missionary Chris Rue, to Ukraine, preached from 1 Sam 17:29. In this passage, David asked, “Is there not a cause”? And indeed there was a reason for him to step into the fight with Goliath. Yet, most Christians only talk about the fight; they aren’t actually in it. And the reason is that they live life without a cause.

Bro Rue showed examples from 1 Sam 17 of people who live without a cause. Like the men of Israel who were in array (an outward show), 1 Sam 17:3, their lives are mainly superficial. Likewise, as there was a valley between the armies, so most Christians stay far from the battle, 1 Sam 17:3. Like the men of Israel, most Christians are dismayed and greatly afraid, 1 Sam 17:11. And like the men of Israel, their main concern is their income, their mate and their tax write-offs, 1 Sam 17:25.

We have a cause. According to Phil 1:21 our cause is Jesus Christ. So, get in the fight like David and quit sitting on the sidelines like the scared men of Israel.