When all Hope is Taken Away

 When all Hope is Taken Away

Acts 27:20

Paul is sailing to Rome as a prisoner and the ship encounters a dreadful storm. The situation gets to the point where the Bible says that “all hope is taken away”. In this sermon we are going to look at some things from this passage that we can do when we find ourselves in the similar position of having all hope taken away.

Example of how someone Godly can lose their hope (Job 1:1,5 with Job 6:8-11)

What can we do when all hope is taken away?

1)  Look for God, he is still there (Acts 27:21-25)

  • Instead of looking at God with complaint or blame, look for God in the situation.
  • Note the words of David when he is in the situation of wondering where is God? (Psalm 42:5,11). David tells himself to hope in God in order to eventually get to the place that he can praise him in the future.

2)  Stay in the ship (Acts 27:27-31)

  • The temptation will be to jump ship (Exodus 14:13).
  • Someone else’s survival may depend upon your staying in the ship (verse 31)
  • Cut of the lifeboats (Now you are only trusting in Jesus alone)

3)  Take time to eat, even if you do not want to (Acts 27:33-38)

  • In times of distress and loss of hope is when it can be the hardest to read your bible, but this is when you need it the most.

4)  Sail on now matter what is in front of you (Acts 27:38-44)

  • They cast their rest of the food upon the water (Ecclesiastes 11:1)
  • They committed themselves to the sea.
  • They loosed the rudder bands, set sail and headed toward the shore.
  • They endured the crash, but all made it to shore safely.

In this we see a great example of Romans 15:13 being fulfilled.