As His Manner Was, Acts 17:1-4

In Acts 17:1-4, we see what Paul’s manner was when he preached the gospel in a new city. If we can glean from Paul’s manner, we can learn some things about dealing with others.

Go To Them

“Paul, as his manner was, went in unto them”. He didn’t expect them to come to him. He went to them. If we are going to reach the lost we have to go to them. Paul found these folks gathered together in the synagogue. We will have to go to them where they are, whether out in public or in our workplace or in our neighborhood.

Spend Time With Them

“Three sabbath days”. Paul didn’t just go to them once. He went three successive weeks. To reach people with the gospel, you have to spend time with them. One visit is rarely enough. Schedule regular meetings with them and visit with them over a period of time. In one case recently, it took nearly two and a half years of visiting before a fellow trusted Jesus Christ.

Reason With Them (out of the scriptures)

“Reasoned with them out of the scriptures”. The gospel is a reasonable proposition. In Is 1:18, God invited sinners to reason with him. But they don’t need to be persuaded by your opinions and attitudes. Reason with them out of the scriptures. It’s okay to “chew the fat” a while to get to know someone. But at some point the discussion must turn to the Bible and their soul.

Open The Scriptures

“Opening”. To open the scriptures is to explain them, Lk 24:32. Most people aren’t as familiar with the Bible as you are. They need someone to guide them, Acts 8:30-31. You may be intimidated by bearing this responsibility. However, if you realize that you know more than they do and that you are relying upon the Holy Spirit to bring the things you learned back to your remembrance, Jn 14:26, you’ll be fine. You can always look up the answer to a question they ask and get back to them later.

Declare The Gospel

“And alleging”. To allege is to declare; to pronounce with positiveness. The gospel is the death, burial, and the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ, 1 Cor 15:3-4. They must know that he died for them personally. They must know that his resurrection is proof of his eternal life. And they must know that they can trust Jesus Christ and be saved.

Preach Jesus

“This Jesus, whom I preach unto you, is Christ”. This is not a matter of all religions worshipping the same God. Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, Jn 14:6. Religion is a gospel of “do”. Jesus Christ is the gospel of “done”. He is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believeth, Rom 10:4.

The Result

“Some of them believed, and consorted with Paul and Silas”. If you keep preaching the gospel, as Paul’s manner was, some of the people you preach to will believe. And some of those will consort with you. That is, they will join you in church.