Anticipating Christ’s Coming

In Sunday school we discussed the devil’s involvement in world affairs and the Bible believers’ need to watch what God is doing, instead.  In this sermon we’ll now discuss what those who are anticipating Christ’s coming should be doing.

To do this, let’s see what some of the folks were doing around the time of Christ’s birth.  That way, we’ll know what to be doing before the rapture and the second coming of Christ.

Joseph and Mary – Matt 1:24, Lk 1:38.  They simply obeyed the Lord and followed his leading.  They did what they were commanded to do and they followed the leading of the Lord.  This is what we should be doing.  We should be following the word of God and the leading of the Holy Spirit, while anticipating Christ’s coming.

The shepherds – Lk 2:8-20.  When they heard from the angels, they went to see.  They weren’t so preoccupied with their sheep that they missed this great opportunity to see the Lord.  And in v.17 when they had seen it, they made know abroad the saying.  This is exactly what we should be doing.  We should don’t be so preoccupied with the things of the world that we lack the desire to see what God is doing.  And we should be making known the work of God abroad, so others will know him.  Notice also that when the shepherds returned to their sheep, they glorified and praised God.  We should be doing the same.

Simeon – Lk 2:25-25.  Simeon was waiting for the consolation of Israel and the appearance of the Lord’s Christ.  1 Cor 1:7 says, “waiting for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ”.  Simeon knew enough of the future of this child to prophecy what would happen.  We should be doing the same.  E have the prophecies recorded in the Bible.  So, don’t speculate and conjecture about the news; preach the truth of God’s words.

Anna – Lk 2:36-38.  She served the Lord continually.  And when she had seen Jesus she spake of him.  We should be occupied with prayer and fasting and we should speak of him to all that look for him to come.  That is, we should talk of the Lord’s return among ourselves.

The world – Jn 1:10-12.  The world received him not.  But you should receive him by believing on Jesus Christ today.