Prophecy Against Zidon, Ezek 28:20-26

Ezek 28:20-26 is a prophecy against Zidon, much like the prophecies against the Ammonites, Mood and Seir, Edom, and the Philistines in Ezek 25.  In v.21 the Lord told Ezekiel to set his face against Zidon and prophesy.

The Lord’s promise to glorify and sanctify his name

In v.22 The Lord said to Zidon, “I am against thee”.  That’s because Zidon was against his people.

The Lord said he would be glorified in the midst of Zidon.  He would do something more powerful than any idol in Zidon had done.  And then they would realize that he is the Lord, as in the world learned in Ex 15:1, 6, 11.  

God said, “They shall know that I am the Lord”, when I have executed judgments in her and shall be sanctified in her.  How would the Lord be sanctified in Zidon?  A note in Webster’s 1828 says, “God sanctifies himself or his name, by vindicating his honor from the reproaches of the wicked, and manifesting his glory”, Ezek 36:21-24.

The judgments against Zidon

In v.23 The Lord said, “I will send pestilence”, Ex 9:14-15.  Pestilence killed 70,000 people in three days in David’s reign.

And he would send “blood in her streets, the wounded shall be judged in the midst of her by the sword on every side”.  This judgment is accomplished by war.  And afterwards “they shall know that I am the Lord”.

The Lord’s ultimate purpose in judging Israel’s neighboring nations

In v.24 The Lord gets rid of the pricking briers and grieving thorns  all around them.  These are the nations that despised them, whose gods caused Israel to stray from the Lord.  See Num 33:55, Jos 23:13.   When the Lord delivers Israel from their attacks and evil influence, they shall know that I am the Lord

In v.25 the Lord gathers Israel from the people among whom they were scattered, Ezek 39:25-29, as he promised in Deut 30:1-5.

And when he does he will be sanctified in them in the sight of the heathen.  Sanctify here is set apart from all other gods.  Notice what happened to Manasseh in 2 Chr 33:11-17.  At this point in the future, they shall dwell in their land that the Lord has given them, Ezek 47:13-21.  As you can clearly see, God is not through with Israel.

In v.26 Israel shall dwell safely, build houses, and plant vineyards.  In Lev 26:2-12, this was the original promise that God made to them if the would keep his commandments.  And he never forgets this promise.  Look whaat he does for Israel right after the second coming of Jesus in Amos 9:11-15; Jer 32:37-41.  They will dwell with confidence when God executes judgments upon those that despise them.  Zech 14:1-4, 9-11 is the final judgment.

They shall know that God is the Lord their God. Four times, in this passage God says, “they shall know that I am the Lord”.   And they surely will. Follow this link for more information on God’s judgments against Israel’s enemies.