Lee Cadenhead – Cain vs Seth, Gen 4

Bro Lee Cadenhead preached from Gen 4 on the difference between Cain’s descendants and Seth’s.  This is an analysis of Cain vs Seth. The differences are indicative of the difference we see today between the direction the world is heading and the direction we should be heading as Christians.  His sermon is an encouragement to us to stay away from those things we see in Cain’s line and nurture those things we see in Seth’s line. The audio file begins with a presentation of his ministry as a missionary to Zimbabwe. He chose Est 4:14 as a reference for this presentation. His sermon begins at approximately 26:25.

Cain vs Seth

Cain’s Line

City life – Gen 4:17.  The construction of the city was for protection and permanence, both of which were in rebellion to God.  The Lord put a mark on Cain to protect him.  But he also said that Cain would be a fugitive and a vagabond, Gen 4:12.  Today, education and social media, for instance, are citified, and you need to be careful with both.

Civilization – Gen 4:21-22.  The development of technology, science, arts, and industry are in Cain’s line.  Civilization is not an end in itself.  While Christians can certainly excel in these fields, they are not our ultimate accomplishments.  We are here to serve and please God.

Debasement of marriage – Gen 4:19.  Lamech took two wives.  This is not God’s original plan for marriage, Gen 2:24.  Today, the world has really perverted marriage.  And Christians must remain faithful to God’s original plan.

Debasement of human life – Gen 4:23-24.  Like Cain, for whatever reason, Lamech killed a man.  Our modern society has debased human life as evidenced by abortion, for example.

Seth’s Line

Stable married life – Gen 4:25.  Even after all that Adam and Eve endured with the fall, the murder of one of their sons, and the banishment of the other, they were still together.  We must strive to keep our marriages together regardless of the hardships we endure.

A mother who held on to God’s promise – Gen 4:25.  Eve claimed that God “appointed me another seed instead of Abel”.  She was holding on to the promise of Gen 3:15.  We need mothers and fathers who know the promises of God and who will hold on to them by faith.

Multigenerational prayer – Gen 4:26.  Adam, Seth, and Enos, called upon the name of the Lord.  We need to pray with our children and train our children to pray.  


Contrasting Cain vs Seth, in which of these two directions is your family headed?