The Bloody City, Ezek 22:1-12

In Ezek 22:1-12, Ezekiel pronounces the abominations going on in Jerusalem, the bloody city.  And he proclaims that her time has come and her days have drawn near to be punished.  In v.2, the Lord asks, “Wilt thou judge the bloody city? Shew her all her abominations”.  This is just like Ezek 20:4 when he spoke to the elders of the city.

The Judgment of the Bloody City

Bloodshed and Idolatry

In v.3 she sheddeth blood in the midst.  The cross reference for this is 2 Ki 21:16.  She maketh idols to defile herself, see Ezek 20:18.  That her time may come, is a reference to the time of her visitation, when the Lord punishes her. 

In v.4 she’s guilty in blood shed.  Is 1:21 murderers, Lk 13:34 killed the prophets, Matt 27:25 killed Jesus, see Stephen’s remark in Acts 7:52.  They shed lots of blood in Jerusalem.  And she defiled herself in her idols, which caused her days to draw near.  God made her a reproach unto the heathen, Ezek 5:14, and mocking to all countries.

In v.5 those near and far mock her because she is infamous and much vexed.

The Abominations in the Bloody City

In v.6 the princes of Israel used their power to shed blood, v.27.  Princes were guilty of murder.

In v.7 they set light by father and mother, Deut 27:16.  To set light by is to dishonor or lightly esteem.  In 1 Sam 18:30 David was honored, 1 Sam 26:24.  They oppressed the stranger, contrary to Ex 22:21, Ex 23:9, Lev 19:33-34.  They vexed the fatherless and widow, contrary to Ex 22:22-24.

In v.8 they despised the Lord’s holy things, Ezek 22:26.  They didn’t separate between the clean and unclean.  And they profaned the sabbaths, Ezek 23:38, Neh 13:17-21.

In v.9 men carried tales to shed blood.  ‘Carry tales’ is an expression that means ‘to repeat false or questionable stories about something that you have heard’.  They did this to Jesus in Matt 26:59-61.  And they did it to Stephen and Naboth.  They also ate upon the mountains, Ezek 18:6, 18:15, and Deut 12:2 where they offered their sacrifices to idols.  They committed lewdness in the midst of her, like Jud 20:6 and Hos 6:9.

In v.10 they discovered their fathers’ nakedness, contrary to Lev 18:7-8.  They humbled women who were set apart for pollution (menstruation), Lev 18:19, Ezek 18:6.

In v.11 they committed abomination with their neighbors’ wives (adultery), Ezek 18:6, Prov 6:29.  They lewdly defiled their daughters-in-law, contrary to Lev 18:15.  They humbled their sisters, contrary to Lev 18:9, 11.

In v.12 they took gifts to shed blood, Deut 27:25 (hired hit men).  They took usury and increase, Ezek 18:8, contrary to Ex 22:25 and Lev 25:35-38.  They greedily gained from their neighbors by extortion.  Extortion is force or illegal compulsion by which anything is taken from a person, Lk 3:12-14, Lk 19:2, 8, Matt 23:25, 1 Cor 5:10-11.  They had forgotten the Lord God.



Defiled themselves with idols and broke the first and second commandments, Ex 20:3-6.

Profaned the sabbath  and broke the fourth commandment, Ex 20:8-11.

Set light by parents and broke the fifth commandment, Ex 20:12.

Shed blood – and broke the sixth commandment, Ex 20:13.

Committed sexual sins and broke the seventh commandment, Ex 20:14.

Extorted and broke the eighth command, Ex 20:15.

Carried tales and broke the ninth commandment, Ex 20:16.

Took usury and increase and broke the tenth commandment, Ex 20:17.

They had forgotten God which is what happens in Rom 1:28 and results in all the same sins in Rom 1:29-32.  You see what’s coming in the world because of doing the same things as Israel did.  We should have never gotten away from God in this country.  

Whatever you do don’t get caught up in any of these sins.  Thank God for Jesus and the promise of his return for us at the Rapture.