Sinai Versus New Jerusalem Gal 4:19-31

    Galatians 4:19-31 Sinai Verses Jerusalem CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Sinai represents the Old Testament law and New Jerusalem represents our freedom in Christ, our Christian liberty.

Travail in birth again (v. 19)

I Cor 4:15 – Paul begat them in the gospel – Christ formed in them

  1.  i.  Rom 8:29
  2. ii.  Rom 12:1-2
  3. iii. Phil 3:10-11

Remove doubt when face to face (v. 20)

Hear the law? (v. 21)

LAW (OT) Bondmaid (v.22)

LIBERTY (NT) Freewoman (v.22)

LAW (OT) Gen 16:3-5, 12, 15-16

LIBERTY (NT) Gen 21:2-3 II Cor 3:17

LAW (OT) Flesh (v.23)

LIBERTY (NT) Promise (v.23)

LAW (OT) Rom 8:3-4, 8-9

LIBERTY (NT) Rom 9:7-9

LAW (OT) Covenant (v.24) OT, Heb 8:7-9

LIBERTY (NT) Covenant NT, Heb 8:13

LAW (OT) Mt. Sinai (v.24) Ex 19-20

LIBERTY (NT) Mt. Zion Rev 14:1 Ps 48:2

LAW (OT) Bondage (v.24-25)

LIBERTY (NT) Free (v.26)

LAW (OT) Gal 5:1

LIBERTY (NT) Rev 21:2,10

LAW (OT) Hagar


LAW (OT) Jerusalem (Acts21:28)

LIBERTY (NT) New Jerusalem (v.26)

Paul applies the Millennial explanation of Jews in Is 54:1 to Church Age to show millions saved in church age (v. 27)

  1. Gal 3:29, Children promise (v. 28)
  2. Gen 21:9 (v. 29)
  3. Gen 21:10 (v. 30)
  4. We of the free woman – cast out bondage of law (v. 31)