The Council at Jerusalem Gal. 2:1-10

Galatians 2:110 The Council at Jerusalem CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There is a big push to get the Gentile converts back under the law

  1. Get saved, Acts 15:1
  2. Stay saved, Acts 15:5

Paul was going to be sure that the gospel of grace could withstand any attempt by men to impose bondage on his converts.  The big deal at this conference was circumcision of the Gentile converts.  If Paul succumbed to the pressure imposed by the Jews to circumcise these converts then there was no limit to what the Jews would do to put the Gentiles under the whole law and literally cause them to put aside the grace of God.  So here is what happened.

Paul went toJerusalem with Barnabas and Titus (v. 1)

    1. Barnabas, Acts 4:36-37
  1.    i.  Son consolation
  2.   ii. Early in church, Acts9:26-27
  3.  iii. Aided Paul inJerusalem, Acts 11:22-26
  4. iv. Checked outAntiochand preached with Paul
  5.  v. Face Peter, James, and John
  6. vi. Missions with Paul, Acts 13:1-2
  7.  i. Gentile convert, Titus 1:4
  8. ii. Greek (v. 3)
  9. iii.  ________, II Cor 8:23
  10. iv. Same steps, II Cor 12:18
  11.  i. Romans 11:13,15:16
    1. Titus
  1. Paul explained to the council the gospel that Christ revealed to him (v. 2a)
    1. Abundant revelation, II Cor 12:7
    2. Revelation of Jesus, Gal 1:12
    3. By revelation made know they mystery, Eph       3:3
    4. Peter saw it at Cornelius but not revealed until Acts 10:44 and Act 11
  2. Paul held a private conference with the big shots (v. 2b)
    1. To general council and then separate meeting, Acts 15:12
    2. Richard Cameron backed out on KJV and went to the NIV
  3. Result: Titus wasn’t circumcised (v. 3)
    1. Proof that the Jews consented
    2. Paul circumcised Timothy in Acts 16:4-3 because of the Jews but not Titus because of the Gentiles
  4. False brethren came to spy and subvert them (v. 4)
    1. Matt 23:14-15
    2. II Pet 2:2
    3. Bondage after saved – JW, Mormon, 7th  Day – RCC
    4. Baptized by the Holy Ghost, tongues
  5. Paul ignored the false brethren (v. 5)
    1. II Pet 3:16
    2. _____ to destruction
  6. They added nothing that perfected the gospel (v. 6)
    1. II Cor 11:3
    2. Paul explained this in Rom 2:6-14
  7. The council acknowledged the same gospel but recognized different ministries -Jews and Gentiles (v. 7-8)
    1. Paul to Gentiles
    1. Peter to Jews
  1. Paul and Barnabas on it with Peter, James, and John (v. 9)
  2. They were instructed to remember the poor  (v. 10)
    1. They did
    2. I Cor 16:1-2
    3. II Cor 8-9